WelCUM – we are happy to see you…

We hope you having a great time and thank you for visiting our little humble place.

Scroll down this main page to see available information, or use the menu links to jump ahead! Have fun and we hope to check you in soon.

UpCUMing Events

What we do

The StableWrangler wants to offer you great experiences – no matter what body type – age or skin color you are born with.

If you are self-identifying as a man you are welcome to our events.

Judgment needs to stay out of the door – we do not do any preselection or have a door policy for those markers – we are not allowing drugs or intoxicated people. Those are the only reasons to not get in. Easy? Like manly sex should be – safe and easy.

We offer you a space and event theme to enjoy yourself and others in a safe environment.

Let’s have some fun together.

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